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Our story

We are 2 musicians from Copenhagen with 2 daughters. 

We play concerts all over the world, mainly in Europe and China.

When we saw La Boheme for the first time we and our daughters immediately fell in love with the artsy atmosphere of the apartment.


We have always had a special connection with the south of France, ever since we travelled here as interrailing teenagers, dreaming of making a place for inspiration and recharging on the Cote d ́Azur.

Our dream came true in 2013.

Whenever possible, we come to La Boheme to enjoy the sunlight, the Mediterranean Sea, the french food and the wine.

We love to be in Nice – the surroundings offer everything we need – swimming, lovely walks in the city or by the sea, shopping opportunities, great restaurants and so much more...

We'd love to hear from you!

You are more than welcome to visit our

web page for music: (Danish website) (International website)

...and if you would like to see a video click below: